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Legal Counsel

Environmental, Real Estate, Litigation and M&A Attorneys engaging expert or technical support on behalf of their clients.

Regulatory & Advisory Groups

Federal, State and Local Agencies; Private/Public Interest Committees; Industry Groups and Technical Standards Development Groups seeking support for project work, subject matter collaboration and best practice/standards development.

Manufacturing / Industry

Executives, Business Owners, Operations Managers and Environmental Compliance Personnel at commercial or industrial facilities looking to anticipate, manage or respond to environmental issues.

Real Estate Stakeholders

Buyers, Sellers, Landowners, Lending Institutions, Legal Counsel, Developers and Real Estate Professionals concerned with environmental matters while transacting commercial or industrial property.

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News & Events

  • ITRC Team Gathers to Progress Remediation Guidance Document

    Gathering with their fellow ITRC members, BSTI’s Tony Finding and Nicholas Santella head to Denver, CO, for ITRC team meetings this Autumn.   Assembling for their second meeting this year, Tony will be joining the rest of the ITRC Remediation Management of Complex Sites team from October 24th to 27th, 2016, to continue the development… Read More