Hurricane Preparedness Week 2016

Hurricane Preparedness Week

Be prepared, not unaware.

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, safety and security is always important. As we’re coming into hurricane season, sooner rather than later is the best time to start improving upon, or at least begin to develop, your business’s plan for natural disaster preparedness.


BSTI - Hurricane Preparedness Week

From May 15th to 21st,
BSTI is participating in Hurricane Preparedness Week.

This movement, supported by government groups such as FEMA and NOAA, is an effort to spread information about natural disaster preparedness and how everyone can plan ahead for the season. Although this is an important topic for both individuals and families, we will be focusing on the importance of preparedness for businesses and communities.


Each day, we will share insight on a different hurricane preparedness topic:

May 15th: Determine Your Risk

May 16th: Develop an Evacuation Plan

May 17th: Secure an Insurance Checkup

May 18th: Assemble Disaster Supplies

May 19th: Strengthen Your Business

May 20th: Identify Your Trusted Sources of Information for a Hurricane Event

May 21st: Complete Your Written Hurricane Plan



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