Nicholas Santella

Principal Geochemist, Ph.D., P.G.
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3157 Limestone Road
Cochranville, PA 19330
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Nothing should be wasted.

I was born in New York City and raised in northern NJ. With both parents in environmental science fields, my twin brother and I developed a love of the natural world at an early age. Over time, this interest and concern for the environment deepened, leading me to pursue a BS in Chemistry from Rutgers University then a MS and PhD in geological sciences from Columbia University.

Along with the environment, I have been drawn to creative crafts from early on. Starting with villages built from sticks and mud, I have since moved on to blacksmithing, jewelry and woodworking. In all my efforts, I try to employ careful craftsmanship and conservative use of resources. I incorporate recycled materials extensively in my crafts.

In my professional life, these two threads have come together as I have sought novel ways to protect human welfare and the natural environment. Environmental fate and transport modeling is a perfect example of something which is both a science and a creative art. Academic research on contaminant transport, natural hazards and infrastructure protection as well as environmental consulting practice have provided opportunities for me to be creative in solving unique problems while providing concrete benefits to society and our planet.

A love of nature and craft also combine to explain my passion for gardening, and I tend the BSTI vegetable garden and chickens. While not at work, I spend time with my wife and two daughters.

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